Aspergillus Fumigatus

Research conducted by Research Associates Laboratory (R.A.L., Inc.), in conjunction with Ameripath Labs, have developed a new testing method for Aspergillus infections in avian species.

A new DNA-based test using Real-Time PCR for detection of aspergillus infection in avian species is available daily.

Current information reveals that an overwhelming number of aspergillis infections (over 99%) are all caused by the same specific strain: Aspergillis fumigatus. Our new test is specific for this strain, yielding accurate and reliable results.

To test for Aspergillus Fumigatus, submit one or more of the following samples:

Swab of trachea, air sac or granuloma (a mass may also be submitted for testing). A blood sample may be submitted at the same time for testing at no additional charge. Due to the nature of many fungal organisms and their ability to "wall themselves off," a blood test may prove unreliable.

Multiple swabs, granulomas/mass and/or blood samples submitted on the same animal at the same time will be charged only as one test.

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